How to Throw a 50th Wedding Anniversary on a Limited Income


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0:04 this is Kelvin Booker Canard catering an

0:07 event planning in New York sitting here

0:09 with tips on how to throw a 50th wedding

0:12 anniversary on a limited income no

0:15 matter what your budget is a couple

0:17 celebrating the 50th anniversary

0:19 deserves congratulations and recognition

0:22 all you need to do is get creative and

0:25 ask for some help decide what your

0:27 budget is and the tasks you can't do

0:29 yourself and spend your money there for

0:32 the rest of the items reach out to

0:34 family and friends for expertise and

0:36 help for your invitation ask guests to

0:39 bring a fond memory and a photograph

0:41 have them write the memory in the guest

0:43 book and a fix the photo for music set

0:46 an iPod to play music from the decade in

0:48 which the couple was married for food

0:51 create dishes that are inexpensive tasty

0:54 and easy to make something like a

0:56 chicken pot pie just make sure that you

0:59 create a vegetarian potpie as well if

1:02 you can create something that ties into

1:04 their wedding perhaps create recreate

1:07 their wedding cake and if not a cupcake

1:10 tier would be great and if you can use

1:13 their topper I'm sure they've still got

1:15 it for beverages think about an

1:17 inexpensive sparkling wine instead of

1:20 champagne and that along with sparkling

1:22 water is still very festive for decor

1:25 it's all about the color gold so stock

1:28 up in all things gold it's wide wildly

1:31 available in December and severely

1:33 discounted in January try gold Christmas

1:36 balls gold pillar candles gold

1:39 votives all things gold display photos

1:43 from the couple throughout their years

1:45 and think about having a program that

1:47 involves young children grandchildren

1:50 and great-grandchildren sit down with

1:52 them ask them things like I know Grandma

1:55 and Grandpa love each other because

1:57 rehearse it a bit write it down for them

2:00 it'll be an adorable and memorable

2:02 program above all keep yourself

2:05 organized keep a list of all the tasks

2:08 and make sure that everyone who has

2:10 something to do knows when to do it

2:12 this is Kelvin Brooke have a great party

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