How to Send a Birthday SMS

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One way to let a family member or friend know that you didn't forget her birthday is to send her a birthday SMS message, also known as a text message. Although text messages can consist of only words, you can also send a mobile e-card that also contains graphics. This lets your loved one know that you put time and thought into choosing a special e-card just for her.

Access a service that allows you to send birthday text messages. For instance, you can use online services, such as American Greetings, M-Cards, MobiCardz, MGreetings, MocoSpace or ATM Greetings. Depending upon the service used, you may have to pay a small fee (around 99 cents) to send a message.

Although a smartphone is perfectly acceptable, you do not have to have a smartphone in order to access birthday SMS services. You can use any browser-enabled cell phone or send messages from your home computer's web browser. To access services, simply visit the birthday SMS provider's website.

Select the birthday card or birthday greeting you would like to send. In some cases, you can customize the birthday greeting by adding your own words.

Enter the mobile telephone number of the individual to whom you would like to send the birthday SMS.

Select “Send" to send your birthday SMS.