How to Select a Gift for a 7-Year-Old Girl

How to Select a Gift for a 7-Year-Old Girl. Step into your second-grade party shoes as you search out the ideal present for that seven-year-old girl in your life.

Ponder her point of view: Does she like to read? Play sports? Dress up? Tinker on the computer?

Browse a toy store, real or virtual, for something that looks like it might suit her tastes: A new mystery book? A backyard basketball hoop? A makeup kit? A computer game?

Trust your instincts, if you know her well. Choose something you think she's just got to like.

Check with her parents if you want the inside scoop. They'll know what's likely to please her - and they'll also know what she already has.

Be practical: Buy clothes or school supplies.

Give a gift certificate from a store you like, and she'll have a chance to pick out her own present.

Think long-term and make a contribution to her college fund.