How to Remove Pins From a Pulsar Watch Band

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

Seiko develops pulsar analog watches. The metal bands on the watches need resized so that they will fit comfortably on your wrist. The pins in the watchband need removed so that you can add or remove links. These small pins require a specialized watch screwdriver to remove due to their size. Once you remove these pins, you will want to place them on a magnetic tray or a glass jar so that you do not lose them.

Place the watch around your wrist. Inspect the links carefully to figure out how many links you need to add or remove so that it fits on your wrist properly.

Look under the watchband links for small arrows. These small arrows will point in the direction that the pins need pushed out from the band.

Hold a watch screwdriver next to the pins that you are going to remove.

Press the screwdriver against the pin until it slides out the other side of the watch.

Pull the pin out with needle-nose pliers. Place the pin in a small container

Take the link off the watch or add an additional link. Store the extra links in a safe location.