How to Make and Print a Gift Certificate

by Lauren Romano

Whether you have a business and want to make a gift certificate for a client or you are just someone who wants to make one for a loved one, the computer can be useful for creating one and printing it out. Designing your own provides you with the opportunity to have it just the way the recipient would want. If you are interested in making and printing your own gift certificate, you can do so with very little effort.

Step 1

Set your page layout to landscape. After you open up a blank document, go under File to page setup, then change the layout from portrait to landscape. It will give you more room to work with.

Step 2

Choose a font, text color and text size. If you want to have the gift certificate look a little more elaborate, consider using a script font. Set the text size according to the size of the font you choose. You may want to stick with black text color as it can go with any color background.

Step 3

Write “Gift Certificate” in the top center. Make it in larger font than the rest of the print on the page. The words should be displayed prominently.

Step 4

Set up the terms of the gift certificate. Put “Presented to:” underneath “Gift Certificate” and write whom the gift certificate is for. Under “Presented to:” write, “This recipient is entitled to” and write what the gift certificate will be for and what the recipient will be receiving. If there is an expiration date, you can put it on the bottom of the gift certificate in small print.

Step 5

Set the value. You can either write a dollar amount in each corner of the gift certificate or write it out as “The value of this gift certificate is:”. If the gift certificate is not usable on certain items, make sure to state “Not able to be used for” and follow that up with your specific terms.

Step 6

Insert a picture or clip art. Choose one that is relevant to the gift certificate. You may not need one, but sometimes it adds a bit of extra flair. Whichever one you choose, make sure it will not clash or blend in with the color paper that you are using.

Step 7

Set the size and height of the gift certificate. Go to print preview under the File menu, select size and adjust the width and height of your gift certificate. Adjust the font and text size if need be to fit with the height and width.

Step 8

Set your gift certificate up to print. Go to print preview under the File menu and make sure everything is aligned. If it is not, go back and make simple adjustments until it is right. Insert the color paper you wish, then when you are ready, click print.

About the Author

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