How to Make a Printable Mother's Day Card Online

Mother image by Mat Hayward from

According to the Day for Mothers website, more than a dozen countries worldwide celebrate a special day for mothers. While the celebrations may vary among cultures, giving cards can be a common way to show your appreciation for mom. Cards in professional gift and greeting shops can cost nearly $4 each as of 2010. Some Internet sites will allow you to create cards for Mom for free, and print them out at your home computer.

Access the website

Scroll through the categories until you find “Mother's Day.” Select the type of card you want to create: cute, funny or cards with photo images. Click on the appropriate link.

Explore the template options and choose the card you want to create for your mother. Choose your card's design: “simple card” allows you up to three lines of text, “letter card” allows you a body of text with a postscript and “I have a lot to say” allows for a larger body of text.

Click “make it!” to preview a copy of your card. If you want to make changes, use your browser's back button. If you are satisfied with the card, choose “File” and “Print” to print the card.

Fold the printed paper so that it looks like a card; your fold design will vary depending on the type of card you chose.