How to Make a Printable Fake Marriage Certificate


Making a Fake Marriage Certificate that is printable can be easy with the right free software and is a great way to show someone you love them all over again.

Choose a fake marriage certificate design from a printable template with a theme you like.

You can find a printable fake marriage certificate over the internet or you can purchase software to make your own and even already prepared templates as well.

Next print the fake marriage certificate out on heavy card stock or photo matte paper.

Make an envelope for your fake marriage certificate by cutting a slit in each edge of the printable card stock and folding over the edges.

Create a fake blank insert for the printable marriage certificate by folding in half along the guide line making sure to leave the design visible.

Place the fake marriage certificates in the envelope and seal with tape or clear glue. A gold sticker can also be used to keep the envelope sealed. Because these are printable certificates, you can alter size and some features but not the overall design.