Where Can I See Myself With Different Hair Colors?


When you want to make a big appearance change, like drastically changing your hair color, it would be great to see what it will look like before you do it. With a hair color change you want to choose a color that suits you best. It is important to make sure a hair color looks right with your skin coloring.

Virtual Makeovers

Virtual makeovers are a great tool to see yourself with different hair colors and many beauty websites offer them free of charge. You'll need a picture of your face, straight on, with your hair pulled back. You can then upload your picture to the website and use the virtual makeover tool to try on different hairstyles and different hair colors. You can even change your make up to see how it looks. Try on different hair colors to see which ones best match your complexion and hair style. Then you can print your makeover photo and take it to your hair stylist.

Wig Shops

Wigs are an effective way to try on different hair colors to see how you would look with them. Wigs at a wig shop are meant for trying on, so the wig shop owner should have no problem with you checking out a few of the coloring options. This gives you a real-time, true example of how you would look with a certain hair color. You might even try some colors that you wouldn't normally choose. Take a photo of yourself in each look, so you can compare them and pick which color is right for you.

Hair Coloring

In your local drugstore go to the hair color aisle, you'll notice that almost all of the boxes have pictures of colored hair across the top in a few shades. This is the guide to tell you how the hair color will affect your particular color of hair. When in doubt, choose a shade two shades darker or lighter than your own and look at the coloring guide on the box to see how the hair color will look on you. Some boxes even have small tinted mirrors in the top, so you can see what you would look like with that particular hair color. It's a handy tool while you're trying to pick out what your hair color should be.