How to Find Out What Highlights Would Look Good on You

by Lena Freund ; Updated September 28, 2017

Everyone’s hair has natural highlights. If you view your hair in the light, you will see undercurrents of at least one color. In order to make sure that you have chosen the best highlights for your hair, try to complement both your natural hair color and your skin tone. Your highlights should bring out your natural beauty.

Find a room with good lighting and a mirror. A bathroom with lights around the mirror or a good strong light in the ceiling will often suffice. Make sure that you can see hair clearly.

Examine your hair under the light. Move your head around at different angles relative to the mirror in order to observe best.

Pay special attention to your natural hair highlights. As the light catches it at different angles, you will see hints of other colors in your hair naturally. These are natural highlights. Choosing artificial highlights that complement these natural highlights will best bring out the different shades of your natural hair.

Look at magazines if you don’t like the natural highlights in your hair. There are many hairstyle magazines available in grocery stores and drugstores. Alternately, you could look at music videos and celebrity magazines and see what kinds of highlights other women have.

Consider your hair color. If your hair is dark, lighter highlights, such as blond or light brown, might best complement it. If you have blond hair, you might try brown highlights for that beach-blond look. If your hair is light brown, you might try darker brown or reddish highlights, while if your hair is red, you might elect to have auburn or brown highlights put in.

Try to complement your skin tone as well. If your skin is pale and you choose highlights that are too dark, you might end up looking like a ghost. If your skin has a lot of red, especially in the face, anything too reddish will bring out the redness.


  • You do not necessarily need to choose highlights that complement the natural highlights in your hair. A lot of women have highlights that are quite clearly not natural, yet look good. For example, many Southeast Asian women in the United States highlight their hair in lighter brown or blond shades. It clearly isn’t natural, but it highlights the shape of their hair and their skin tones.

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