How to Choose Hair Color for Gray Eyes

by Melly Parker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Choosing the right hair colors for your eyes is important.

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Gray is a beautiful, unusual eye color that should be played up as much as possible when choosing your hair and makeup shades. Since gray eyes are so uncommon, it's difficult to know what hair colors go best with the shade; you're not likely to be able to judge based on people you know or people you see on the street. Choosing the right hair color completes your look and allows your natural beauty to shine through.

Print out several photographs of yourself. Using fashion magazines, clip out simple hairstyles in different colors and then put them on the photographs. See which hair color makes your eyes stand out most in the photograph.

Consider the composition of the color gray, and consult a color wheel based on the warmth of shades. Since gray is a cool color, you may want to choose the opposite shades, like bright yellow or red, to play up your dramatic side. Instead, you may want to look more natural by using shades closer to neutral, like brown or black.

Visit a costume store with a friend and try on wigs. Look for colors as close to natural shades as possible, and take pictures in each of the wigs. Get one picture from far away and another from close by that only shows the hair and your eyes.

Lay out the pictures of you in the wigs, and determine which color you like the best.

Consider your skin tone if you're stuck between two shades. Pale skin tones may want to choose softer hair colors, like honey blonde. Darker skin may require darker shades of black, brown and auburn. Gray eyes occur in people with many different shades of skin, so you should always consider your skin tone if you can't choose between two colors.

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