What Color Shirt to Wear to Make Eyes Look Bluer?

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Blue eyes stand out and command attention, whether they are captivating cobalt, arctic icy or sensuous sky blue. Certain colors make them even more noticeable. Wear shirts in colors that best play up your eyes to flatter your face and suit your style in any situation.


Wear tops and shirts in shades of blue. Button-down shirts, blouses and T-shirts in shades such as navy, indigo and royal blue will deepen and intensify lighter eyes and complement medium and darker blue eyes. Match your shirt to your eye color as closely as possible to call attention to your unique eye hue. Try turquoise or aqua blue if you have a tinge of green in your eyes, gray blue if you have hints of gray in your iris, or baby blue if you have baby blues.


Put on shades of purple to make your blue eyes pop. Purple is a mix of blue and red and next to blue on the color wheel. Wear purple to play up blues, especially darker blue or violet-blue eyes. Reddish purples, such as magenta, are best for warm-toned complexions, while bluer purples, such as violets and lavenders, fit cool skin tones the best. Pair purple tops and shirts -- the garments that are closest to your eyes -- with jeans or basic black pants.


Because blue eyes contain the least pigment, saturated colors like black provide a perfect backdrop to help blue eyes -- especially icy blue eyes -- stand out. Black shirts and tops are classic, dramatic and versatile. A black top -- whether a night-on-the-town blouse or a basic black T-shirt -- will automatically bring attention to your face and allow your eyes to take the spotlight.

Reds and Golds

Red, rust-colored and golden hues are across the color wheel from blue, which makes them complementary colors. Terra cotta and golden brown are flattering shades of eye shadow worn by blue-eyed women to make their eyes come alive. Clothing in these tones will do the same. Golden-toned tops set off the color blue and can help highlight the gold flecks found in some blue eyes. Stick to reds with blue undertones to complement cool complexions, and reach for golds and rusts if you have warmer tones in your skin.