How to Get Free Genealogy Templates from Microsoft

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Family history buffs may want a source of document templates to use for family trees, genealogy requests and family history records. If you have Microsoft Office on your computer, or if you have a tool such as Open Office that will let you use Microsoft Office documents, take advantage of free genealogy templates.

Point your browser to the Microsoft Office web page for templates (see link in Resources).

Type "genealogy" in the search box, and click the "Search" button.

Skim through the results page, which will include templates for Office programs Visio, PowerPoint, Word, Access and Publisher. The types of templates range from a genealogy database to genealogy request letters.

Click on the template you want to use, then click "Download." If you have the required Office program installed, the template will open in that program. If not, you will see a "Download Problem" page where you can choose to manually download the file to your computer for later use (in Open Office for example).


  • Try other searches such as "Family reunion" or "Family Tree" to expand your search.


  • If the files will not download, try using Internet Explorer or an IE tab in Firefox.

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