How to Find a Friend in the USA

by Erika Sivils

Finding a long-lost friend in the United States is not as difficult as it once was. New technology makes it more possible to locate contacts from times past. With some information about your friend, help from mutual friends, and time spent searching, locating someone may not be a difficult task. Gather the information you already have--if you know the person's last name, former address, occupation, zip code, city or state, use it. The more information you have about your friend makes it easier to find her. Knowing her high school or hobbies can also be useful.

Search for your friend's name on social networking sites. If you know his email, you can try entering an email address. If you don’t see the name of the specific friend you are looking for, search for mutual friends. These friends might be able to point you in the right direction. Groups on social networking sites might also be useful in finding your friend.

Enter the information you have about your friend in a search engine--it may display pages with more information. Business web pages, hobbies, and even newspapers can often feature friends online. These sites might give you an idea of how to contact your friend. If your friend has a common name, this strategy may be more difficult.

Browse through the white pages, which allow you to search for your friend based on name and location. If you know his city, zip code, or state, you can find your friend’s address. However, inputting his state may give you several matches if your friend has a common name. If you know his zip code or city, the results will be narrowed down.

Ask mutual friends that you and the friend you are looking for both knew at one point--it can be a great help. Some friends might have kept in touch over the years or already found each other after searching. Having mutual friends on social networking sites can also help you identify your friend if there are multiple search results.

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