How to Give Valentines to Friends

by Contributor

Items you will need

  • Craft Supplies
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
  • Address Books
  • Flowers
  • Postage Stamps
  • Rubber stamps
  • chocolates

How to Give Valentines to Friends. It's fun to acknowledge Valentine's Day (February 14) by remembering your friends and co-workers. With a little advance planning, your Valentine remembrances will be greatly appreciated but not too hard on your budget.

Step 1

Make a list of all the friends to whom you want to give valentines.

Step 2

Decide what form your valentines will take: greeting cards, e-greetings, cookies, candy, flowers or special gifts.

Step 3

Purchase greeting cards for out-of-town friends at least 10 days before Valentine's Day so that you can find a good selection. Mail them early so they will arrive in time for the holiday.

Step 4

Order flowers at least 10 days ahead of Valentine's Day to be sure you can get the arrangement you want. Have them delivered on February 14.

Step 5

Buy chocolates 10 days ahead and have them mailed from the store to the recipient, or take them with you to be delivered to friends personally.

Step 6

Make cookies the night before Valentine's Day to be given to friends the next day. Bring a platter of Valentine's Day cookies to work to share with co-workers, or make up small plates of cookies for close friends and wrap them in cellophane with a red bow. Add a card with a personal message.

Step 7

Send e-greetings on Valentine's Day or the day before. These are free and can be sent to anyone who has a computer and Internet access.

Step 8

Give a single rose to special friends. Choose the color based on the sentiment you wish to convey (see "How to Choose the Right Color Roses to Send" in Related eHows).

Step 9

Save extravagant or very personal gifts for special friends and deliver them personally and privately.


  • Always add a personal note to greeting cards. It's in very poor taste to pass out valentines to friends while other people you know - who aren't getting them - are watching. Try to be discreet or you may hurt the feelings of people you often associate with or see at work. If you have time, make your own unique greeting cards. These are always appreciated.


  • Avoid handing out mushy or suggestive valentines to casual friends of the opposite sex. Before you declare your undying love in a greeting card, be sure the recipient feels the same way you do, or you could find yourself in a very awkward situation.