How to Find Where Mom Hid the Birthday Present

How to Find Where Mom Hid the Birthday Present. If you want to be surprised on your birthday, you are better off not looking for the hidden presents in advance. But if you just can't stand the anticipation and have to find where mom hid the presents, get creative in your hunt. Moms have a lot of experience at this and are usually pretty good present hiders.

Think about the items that you requested as birthday presents and how large or small they are. If you asked your mom for jewelry, matchbox cars or other small gifts, you have to look pretty much everywhere because little birthday gifts are easy to hide. If you asked for bike, don't bother looking in her dresser drawers.

Wait for the right time to hunt for your birthday gifts. Pick a time when your parents are going to be out of the house for a little while, or wait until you are sure that mom is sound asleep before you begin your search.

Look up high. Mom's are known for hiding things that they don't want kids to see out of their reach. So be sure to check the top shelves of all the closets.

Face your fear. Another common place for parents to hide birthday gifts is places that they know you are afraid to go. If you are afraid of going into the attic or basement, chances are good that is where your presents are hid.

Find the locked doors in the house. A good place for parents to hide birthday presents is in locked closets, sheds and other areas of the house that they keep locked. Look around for the key and check for your present behind the locked door.