How to design Free Printable Graduation Announcements

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Graduations mark the end of years of hard work, which traditionally is marked by graduation ceremonies and parties. Purchasing announcements or invitations to these events often is expensive, but you can reduce your costs significantly by designing and printing your own announcements using computer software templates.

Scan a picture of your graduate, such as a family or senior picture, into your computer. Place the photo into your computer's scanner and follow the directions for your device. Create a new folder on your desktop and save the scanned photo into this folder so that you can find the image easily later.

Download a greeting card template for your specific software program. Any type of card will do, as you can change the text and graphics to fit for graduation. If using a word processing program, you also often can find card templates built into the software, which can be accessed when opening a new document. For downloaded templates, simply click on the downloaded file or open the document from the file menu in your software program to insert the template.

Insert the photo into your template. Perform this action by using the insert menu option or photo button, depending on the software used. Drag the photo to the desired location on the template by holding down the left mouse button over the image and dragging the photo across the screen.

Left click the card template where you wish to place the text for the announcement and type what you want the card to say. Highlight the text by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor across the text. Change the font type, size and position using the text menu in your software to customize how you want your text to look.

Click the print preview option once you have placed your texts and graphics. Print preview allows you to verify that each item is in the correct location, as well as helps you ensure that items have not been placed outside of the print area.