How to Decorate for a 70th Birthday Party

The Bible states that man (and woman) is promised at least 70 years on this planet. Whether you're persuaded that is truth or not, everyone can agree that turning 70 is a milestone worth celebrating. In this article you will find tips to help you decorate for this momentous occasion with flair. There is no such thing as going over the top when decorating for a 70th birthday party. That special senior citizen in your life will thank you for making him or her feel young at heart again.

How to Decorate for a 70th Birthday Party

Incorporate trends that were popular the year the birthday person was born. For instance, someone born around the 1940's will appreciate movie posters of "A Streetcar Named Desire," advertisements of Rosie the Riveter, photos of Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis, etc. Most of these can be picked up easily from eBay, or there may be a few of these reminders in the birthday person's attic.

Use pictures to celebrate the milestones that led to this wonderful day. Pictures create a touch of nostalgia when used to decorate for a 70th birthday party. Baby pictures, school photos, graduation and wedding photos can be used in several memory boards. These memory boards can be purchased at most Wal-Mart or Target stores. Display these at the entrance to the party, beside the birthday cake, and gift table.

Add a twist to place cards. On the backs of the place cards allow the guests to write their favorite memories of the guest of honor. Place cards in this instance become more than practical and decorative--they become keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years.

Create beautiful centerpieces with flowers. Find out what the birthday "boy" or "girl" likes and see if you can incorporate his or her favorite flower into the table arrangements. It will provide a meaningful touch that will be appreciated by the guest of honor for a long time.