How to Create Fake Death Certificates for a Halloween Party

rockvillepikephoto/iStock/Getty Images

Some people are satisfied with putting a carved pumpkin on the front steps and passing out bags of candy for Halloween -- but if you want to ratchet it up a notch or two, throw a creepy Halloween bash complete with fake death certificates for everyone.

Downloading Templates

Browse Internet sites that offer death certificate templates and choose the one you prefer.

Personalize your template. Fill out with your name and the name of the fake undertaker after you've printed it out. Some templates include date of birth and cause of death.

Print the fake death certificate and fill it out as needed. Have friends sign as your coroner, doctor and witnesses.

Designing Your Own

Begin your own design in a document program. Change the page layout to landscape, or horizontal, and pick the style of border you'd like your certificate to have.

Select center alignment and type "Certificate of Death" at the top of the page under your border. Choose an elegant font such as French Script or Monotype Corsiva to imitate the script used on real death certificates. Make the heading quite a bit larger than the rest of the wording and put it in bold for emphasis.

Drop down to add details including the name of the departed and how he passed away. Choose plain or fancy font that is smaller than the header and reads easily. Add any desired humor here such as an odd cause of death.