How to Buy Gifts for a Rich Guy

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Selecting gifts for a man of wealth may feel like shopping for the proverbial person who has everything -- the key is to realize that no one has everything. Some of the things that may be missing and most appreciated as gifts don't require the gift giver's bank account be anywhere near the same level as the man who is materially rich. Look for humorous, quirky, heartwarming and/or unique gifts, and if you know the person well, your job just got a hundred times easier.

For the Collector

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Thoughtfulness carries its weight in gold when gift shopping. For a wealthy person who likely doesn't lack any of the usual material items that the average person can afford, do some investigating. Find out if there is a particular out-of-print book or a hard-to-find but inexpensive missing piece from a collection. While his home may be the most tastefully decorated you've ever seen a man keep, he may have a quirky collection on an office shelf of, say, rocks or action figures. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

For the Explorer

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If your man of means has a sense of humor, you might find the perfect gift in a store with a unique twist. For example, the online store Man Crates says "no to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets" and doesn't "do ribbons." Instead, it delivers the gift package in a crate and supplies a crowbar to pry it open. Packages range from Personalized Barware to the Zombie Annihilation Crate. Or buy items individually that play on his sense of humor and pack them in an over-the-top manly package.

For the Too Much Work, Too Little Play Guy

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Your rich guy can easily afford that 200-mph drive around the racetrack in a real race car or the paragliding lesson. And a Saturday at a fishing tournament or amusement park wouldn't put a dent in his wallet. But if he's too busy making money to take some time out for fun, your gift might just do the trick. Purchase a gift certificate for something you know he would absolutely love to do. If there's something the two of you would enjoy doing together (he's your partner, dad, etc., not an office colleague you hope to date), fill a tackle box with new fishing flies or a picnic basket with his favorite cheese and wine, along with tickets to an outdoor concert. Or rent a costume, such as a snowman or elf, put it on and deliver tickets to a ski event or holiday concert.

For the Procrastinator

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Perhaps the man with everything is a procrastinator when it comes to organizing his photographs and recording his memories. Has he talked about writing his life story? Purchase him a book on writing memoirs. Does he miss writing poetry like he did in school? Research the oodles of books on writing poetry, some especially for men. If he's a grandfather, there are scrapbooks for these memories too.