How to Build Wedding Arches

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A wedding arch marks a wedding venue, providing a frame of focus, especially if your wedding will be in a large open space. Wedding arches don't have to be expensive if you can build one yourself. It doesn't have to be difficult to build either. You can make a wedding arch using items you can buy from the local hardware store or supermarket. With the right decoration, even a simple arch can serve as a wedding arch.

Metal Arch

Apply oil to the joints of the metal frame for a smoother assembly.

Put together the arched top of the structure and use it to mark the intended position of the arch base on the ground.

Create holes about 9 to 12 inches deep on the marked areas using a hammer and a metal rod. Remove the rod and plug the upright parts of the arch into the holes. Fill any gaps with soil or fine hard core to stabilize the structure.

Attach the top of the arch to the upright poles.

Decorate the arch with ribbons, flowers, leaves and light fabrics such as tulle and organza. To match the theme of your wedding, attach seashells, starfish, wreaths, vines, light bulbs, or kissing balls on the arch.

Balloon Arch

Apply Hi-Float onto the inside of each balloon by squirting a dime-sized amount inside and rubbing the balloon from the outside to spread it. Wedding and flower professionals use the products to increase the life of helium balloons up to 25 times than normal.

Cut a round hole with a diameter of about 8 inches in a piece of cardboard. This way, all the balloons will be of the same size.

Fill the balloons with helium until they reach the size of the hole in the cardboard, then make a knot at the neck of the balloon.

Tie the balloons in pairs by making a knot at the necks of the two balloons.

Attach two pairs of balloons together by crossing them at the knots and making a twist using two balloons located side by side.

Tie two ends of a string to stationary objects until it hangs tautly.

Attach each cluster of four balloons onto the string by twisting it around the string where the balloon knots meet. Keep adding the balloons until you get an appropriate length.

Untie the string from the two random stationary objects and tie it to a stationary object on the ground at the wedding venue. You can tie the ends of the string to paper weights to keep the balloon arch in place.