Greetings Card Sayings

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Greeting cards offer an opportunity for anyone to express a sentiment they might otherwise hold back. They can express many sentiments, from wishing someone a happy birthday to offering condolences on the passing of a loved one. There are even greeting cards that offer a simple "hello." According to the Greeting Card Association, nearly 7 billion cards were purchased in 2001.

Funny Sayings

To find the most appropriate amusing saying for your greeting card, first start with the sentiment. If you are creating a birthday card, an "over-the-hill" phrase will work well. For a thank-you card, a tongue-in-cheek verse about appreciation is apropos. Keeping your recipient's sense of humor in mind will help you avoid offending anyone. For example, a saying such as "A man's only as old as the woman he feels" by Groucho Marx, might be a funny way to wish certain people happy birthday, but offensive to others. If creating your own card, choose an image to coordinate with your chosen saying that will elicit a smile from the recipient.


Poems are most often used as an expression of love and can be applied to any type of card, from a birthday to Valentine's Day. If you are selecting a poem for someone specific, make sure it is likely to have meaning for that person. For example, if your card is intended for a significant other, choose a poem that expresses the love and passion in your heart. Poems can also be used for cards of friendship, but the same rule applies. Spend some time reviewing the work of your favorite poet or borrow a book of poetry from the local library to find the perfect sentiment. Though the words you have chosen were not written by you, they should still be heartfelt.

Inspirational Quotes

It is likely that someone at some point has expressed the same sentiment that you wish to share, and they may have done it more eloquently. There are many inspirational quotes that can be used for all greeting cards of any season or event. For example, the Greek proverb "The heart that loves is always young" would be appropriate for a Valentine's Day, birthday or anniversary card. After you choose the inspirational quote, find an image that coordinates with the sentiment. The image can come from your own personal collection, or you can choose a stock image from a site such as or