Graduation Card Box Ideas

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Graduation is a celebration every student looks forward to and will always remember. Creating a box for guests to drop cards in is not only handy, but can be used to store those cards for the years to come, as important mementos of the graduate's big day. Here are several ideas for graduation card boxes that are inexpensive and fun to make.

Themed Party Centerpiece

If the graduation party has a theme in mind, a card box can make the perfect centerpiece for the reception table. Use plain white paper, or a festive color, to wrap the box, and decorate it with photographs clipped from magazines that match the theme. A luau theme, for example, could include favorite pictures from a family trip to Hawaii, palm trees, and even sea shells glued to the box.

That's a Wrap

Go to a local party store, or shop online, for graduation-themed wrapping paper. The selection is more abundant than you might think. Themes range from the year of the graduation blazoned in different fonts and colors, to elegant white paper with patterns of black graduation hats. With the right paper nicely fitted, any old shoe box will become a keepsake to be treasured for years.

Photo Collage

What better way to commemorate the years than by making a collage of favorite memories from copies of photographs decorating the card box. Photos could range from birth to present, or a collection of favorite moments from the years at college or high school.

Graduation Hat

Make a beautiful replica of your grad’s hat using some black card stock, a gold tassel and a box. A slit in the front of the box, just under the flat top makes a great entrance for cards, or lift the top off to put in larger gifts.

Future Oriented

A graduation is not just celebration of a great accomplishment. It also marks the departure toward a new future. If your grad already has his eyes on the next step in life, this could make a great theme for a decorated card box. Gears and pulleys could decorate the card box for a graduating engineer. The works of favorite paintings could decorate the box of an up and coming artist. For a young psychologist, perhaps a shoebox draped with red velvet to form an analyst's couch might be appropriate. Whatever the grad's calling may be, think of designs that are creative, memorable and fun.