Good Gifts for Boyfriends in the Air Force

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Dating someone in the Navy can be exciting, nerve-racking and difficult at the same time. Although you support and appreciate everything that your boyfriend is doing, the long-distance relationship can be tough and hard to keep up with. Show your boyfriend how much you care and miss him by sending him a gift that has meaning, will remind him of you and make him feel close to you.

Custom Engraved Pendant

A customized dog tag is a great long-distance relationship gift because it can be worn at all times and make your boyfriend feel like a piece of you is always with him. Dog tags come in multiple colors and can be personalized with the message of your choice. You can engrave the dog tag with your favorite quote, photo or Bible scripture.

Military Keepsake Box

A Military Keepsake Box comes with a military emblem engraved, a compass and an encouraging poem. Take it a step further by placing some of your favorite items in the box such as a special photo, a letter or your favorite piece of clothing that he can hold on to. A Keepsake Box is the perfect gift because of its personalization, sentimental value and inspiration message. You can find a Keepsake Box at or any engravement gift shop.

Couples Pillowcase Set

A Couples Pillowcase Set fits together perfectly when placed side by side and you can tell something is missing when they are apart. Show your boyfriend that he belongs with you by sending him a piece to the puzzle that will be completed once you are both reunited again. You can personalize the pillows any way you would like with up to ten characters; so add a cute message that shows your beau how much you miss him. You can find a Couples Pillowcase Set at

Message in a Bottle

Send your boyfriend sand, seashells, umbrella and a romantic message personalized by you. Sometimes it is not amount of money you spend on a gift but the amount of thought, time and effort you put in it that matters. Add a cute, heartfelt message to the bottle that expresses the way you feel about him. Tell him how much you miss him, appreciate his contribution to America and reassure him that you will be waiting for him when he returns. You can find a Message in a Bottle at