Girls 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Barry Austin Photography/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For a woman, a 50th birthday is a big deal — and a great reason to celebrate. There are a variety of unique and fun ways to celebrate this milestone birthday. Depending on the birthday girl's preference, celebrations can be grand affairs with many people, or they can be an intimate gathering or perhaps even a trip away for two.

Surprise Party

One way to celebrate a woman's 50th birthday is to throw her a surprise party. This is a milestone birthday, and a surprise party will make sure that the birthday girl never forgets her special day. Consider throwing a surprise party at her favorite restaurant or, depending on the weather, renting out space at a local park. No matter where you choose to have the surprise, be sure to invite all her closest friends and family so she can celebrate the day with those she loves most.

Weekend Getaway

Another way for a woman to usher in her 50th year is by taking a quick weekend getaway. This trip can either be planned by close girlfriends or a boyfriend or husband. Let her pick someplace she has always wanted to go, and make sure she is pampered for the whole weekend. Consider trips to local spas or lake homes, or possibly even a trip to some local wineries.

Memory Party

For a more unusual take on a 50th birthday, consider throwing the special birthday girl a memory party. At this party, ask guests to come prepared to share their most special memories of the birthday girl. At one point during the evening, a slide show or video can be shown of old photos, new photos and some of those photos she probably wished you didn't have. This will be a fun way for her to remember years gone by and look forward to the years ahead.

Ballroom Dance Party

If the woman celebrating her 50th birthday likes to do things in style — while still having a great time — consider throwing a ballroom dance party. Ask couples to come wearing their best ballroom attire, and have a live band ready to play all those classic dance hits. If the group is more inexperienced, consider hiring an instructor to help teach people how to ballroom dance. This is sure to be an evening no one will soon forget.