Gifts for the Graduate Who Has Everything

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Graduation from a high school, college or other educational program is a special event worthy of celebration. It is customary to give the recent graduate either a gift or money as a token of congratulations and to help him make it easier to transition into adulthood. Picking the right graduation gift can be difficult if the graduate seems to have everything. Focus on the things you wish you had when you graduated to find unique gift ideas.


Give the gift of club membership that will benefit the graduate months after graduation. A membership to a gym gives the recent graduate the chance to avoid gaining the freshman 15 or take off the weight that he gained in college. Membership to a discount shoppers' club or bulk food warehouse gives the graduate the opportunity to keep his fridge and cupboards full for less. A membership to an online rental service like Netflix or Gamefly lets the graduate save money on his entertainment costs.

Moving Services

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Whether the recent graduate is planning to go away to college or just wants to move out of mom and dad's house, moving services are a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated. Rent the graduate a U-Haul truck or hire professional movers so she doesn't have to strain herself lifting all those heavy boxes. If you have a truck yourself, offer your personal moving services for a cheaper alternative. Other moving gifts include storage facility rentals and plastic containers for packing.


The recent graduate will likely need new furniture for his dorm room or apartment. Buy a new sofa, love seat or recliner so he doesn't have to pick one up off of the side of the road. A new mattress can come with an expensive price tag, so help him out by footing the bill for him and letting him trade in his twin bed for something more adult. Even a card table and chairs set will be appreciated, both for eating food and throwing parties.

Travel Gifts

Recent graduates often get the urge to set out on their own adventures and see the world before settling down. Make this dream a reality for the graduate in your life with a set of plane tickets, a hotel reservation or a new set of luggage. If this is out of your budget, a simple travel gift basket will suffice. Include travel-sized toiletries, maps and tour guides, calling cards and a new memory card for a digital camera.