Gifts for Mothers in Nursing Homes

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When your mother goes to live in a nursing home, it can be a difficult time. She might be in poor health or simply unable to take care of herself anymore. While buying gifts for elderly people can be difficult, it can become even more so when someone moves into a nursing home. Because she doesn't have much space, you can't purchase something for her home or yard. So think of something that will make her more comfortable in her new home.

Digital Picture Frame

If your mother is living in a nursing home, chances are she doesn't have too much space of her own. She may even have to share a room with another resident. If she likes being surrounded by pictures of her family, but doesn't have the room for it, give her a digital picture frame. That way, she can have the same effect of a wall or table full of pictures, but with only one small frame. You can load lots of pictures on the frame, the number differs depending on the model you choose, and they will run like a slide show on the frame. When you go visit her, take your laptop with you and change out her photos for her so she can look at new ones.


Many older ladies can become cold very easily. If she likes to stay covered up with a blanket, choose a nice one for her. For example, go with a luxurious cashmere blanket that will look pretty and be soft on her skin. You could also choose a blanket and have it monogrammed with her initials or her name. This is an especially useful gift for a woman who usually carries a blanket with her when she leaves her room in case she becomes cold.


Living in a nursing home can become monotonous for some people. If she is still able to enjoy some sort of entertainment, choose that for her. Readers would love a few new books, but be sure to get large-print editions if her eyes are failing. Maybe reading has become difficult for her. In that case buy her books on CD, along with a portable CD player and headphones. Movies and music are other forms of entertainment she might enjoy.


Make her more comfortable in the nursing home with some pampering gifts. If she likes taking baths, give her some fragrant bubble bath or bath salts. High-quality soap, body powder and moisturizing lotion are other good ideas for her. You could also give her a new set of large, soft and attractive towels, especially if the ones provided by the nursing home are thin or rough.