Gifts for an End-of-Year Hockey Party

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An end-of-they-year hockey party is a fun way to celebrate a year of developing teamwork, making friends and playing hockey. No matter what the final record is, show gratitude to all the involved parties with a clever and thoughtful gift. Whether you're a coach looking to thank your players or a mom wanted to show your gratitude for the team leader that made it all possible, a hockey gift is sure to warm hearts even on the ice.

Gifts for Coaches

Any hockey coach will appreciate the opportunity to attend a game as a fan rather than a coach. Pool together money from players or players' parents and purchase quality tickets to a National Hockey League game. If your state hosts a winter classic or exhibition game, arrange for the coach to attend in style with a rented car. Signed or commemorative jerseys and sticks from favorite teams or players are thoughtful and timeless options for gifts for coaches.

Gifts for Players

Gifts for players should celebrate the successes of the year and the importance of the team. Take a team picture at the end of the year; print a copy for each player and ask the coaches to leave personalized messages on each print. Present the pictures to the players in classic black frames featuring a plaque with the player's number and year.

Gifts for Volunteers

Many hockey teams rely on the support of volunteers and parents to hold fundraisers, provide travel support and organize team activities beyond games. Thank volunteers with a practical gift like a gas card to compensate for the hours of traveling to away games. Invite volunteers to feel like part of the team with personalized team jerseys, jackets or sweatshirts with the volunteers' names. Keep volunteers warm at the ice rink with personalized knit blankets featuring an image of the team logo or mascot. A creative gift option is to create fire and ice themed gift baskets with a variety of hot and cold gift items. Hot chocolate mix, coffee mugs, wool hats, mint candies, snowball cookies and a heated ice cream scoop are playful choices.