Gifts for a Police Sergeant

by Elissa Zubrick

Police officers are a little different than the rest of us, which makes buying gifts for them difficult.

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Police officers are a different breed than the rest of us and this makes them difficult to shop for. An average gift that you would get for someone else just won't cut it for a cop. So let your wallet be your guide when looking at gift ideas for the police officer in your life. Gifts range from expensive to very affordable.

Personal Bulletproof Vest

A bulletproof vest is a great way to show the police officer in your life you care. These can range from $400 to $1,000, depending on the coverage, size and quality of the vest. These vests are often not standard issue anymore due to their hefty price tags. Any officer would be glad to know you are looking out for their safety.

A Police Patch Encased in Glass

Having a police officer's police patch encased in glass is a great way to showcase her pride in the police force she serves. A local police patch can be obtained from the police department, and there are several novelty shops and websites where you can purchase them.

World's Best Police Sergeant Apron

A grill apron that says World's Best Police Sergeant is a fun gift for a police sergeant. These are available in different colors and can be obtained for around $20. It is an inexpensive gift that will put a smile on the face of the police sergeant in your life.

Gun Mug

As a police sergeant, coffee is a must have to make it through the day. A clever gun-shaped mug would make a good and useful gift. These novelty items are available online.

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