Gifts for a Girlfriend & Her Family

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There's no act that shows your appreciation and love for your girlfriend more -- not to mention that you're actually listening to what she says -- than surprising her with a strategically chosen gift. Although most guys would only think of offering flowers, candy or jewelry, there are many, many other choices for gifts that your girlfriend would get a kick out of. When purchasing gifts for your girlfriend as well as her family, though, you need to choose gifts that would not only appease your girlfriend's interests but her family's interests as well.

Vacation Or Cruise

Paying for and sending your girlfriend and her family on a vacation is a more extravagant type of gift. Whether you would choose to go along with them on the vacation is up to you, of course. There are many types of vacations you can send them on, including cruises, trips to other parts of the country or world (including hotel costs), or even just a few days at a local theme park.


Find out what TV shows from the past or present your girlfriend and her family like. Take one that they have in common (if they have one in common at all) and buy a DVD set of one or several of the seasons of that TV show. Give them each a copy of it as a gift.


Either ask your girlfriend what one of her and her family's favorite upscale restaurants is or do your own research and find a local upscale restaurant. Get a certificate for $50 to $100 from the restaurant and give that to your girlfriend and her family as a gift.


Pay attention to where your girlfriend likes to go to see movies and ask her where her parents like to go to see movies. If they both go to the same movie theater, then get a certificate from that movie theater for them. If they do not go to the same theaters, then pick one of the theaters and get a certificate for that one.


If you really aren't sure about what to get your girlfriend and her family, and you don't want to pick something that will fail to appeal to either party, then go with this gift-giving classic. Candles are a 100 percent neutral gift and will unlikely result in any negative feelings or disappointment from either side. As far as what type of candles to get, there are numerous available, including scented ones and colorful ones.

Vintage Wine

A bottle of vintage wine is another great choice for a gift to her and her family, as long as no one in her family suffers from or has recovered from alcohol addiction. Try to get a bottle of wine that is at least a decade old, because younger wines are often associated with spending cheaply (although, not always). Also, look for organic wine, unpasteurized wine or wine from another country (such as France) to add to the distinctiveness of the gift.

Personalized Candy

Candy normally doesn't have much zest as a gift, but candies with personalized messages such as My M&M's are a great way to add a spin to this classic present. The most important part of this gift, of course, would be the messages themselves that you have incorporated into the candy -- so pick them wisely. Make sure they are directed at both her and her family since they aren't only for her.