Gifts for a 27th Anniversary

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Historically, each wedding anniversary has a traditional and modern gift associated with it. Once couples have been married longer than 15 years the only anniversaries with traditional metals, minerals or elements such as gold, silver, and paper associated with them are those anniversaries that fall on a fifth year (such as 20, 25, 30, 35 and 50). The modern association with a 27th wedding anniversary is to give a gift of sculpture.


Sculpture can take a variety of mediums ranging from bronze, iron or pewter to more malleable materials like clay or acrylics. If your spouse has a particular affection for a type of metal such as silver or bronze, or even gold, consider finding an object sculpted in that material. For example, a bird watcher or nature enthusiast might enjoy a pewter cardinal, or a bronze wolf or tree statue. If your spouse enjoys reading, consider sculpted bookends with shapes, designs or influences that might appeal to him. A sculpted paperweight or business card holder and pen set can also make a thoughtful 27th wedding anniversary gift.


If your spouse is religious or passionate about art or music, consider a miniature sculpture that incorporates scripture references or other holy book citations such as references to the Torah or Koran. Many Buddha statues or sculptures incorporating characters from Eastern religions may also be appropriate. A sculpture of a jazz instrument can be combined with a few recordings of her favorite musician or groups for a meaningful gift. If your spouse is an avid gardener, consider an outdoor sculpture with or without a fountain incorporated into it that can be added to an area of the front or back yard.


Sculptures made from bronze, marble and even wood can communicate beauty in a powerful and emotional manner. A sculpture of any material expressing qualities that you appreciate in your spouse such as natural beauty or physical beauty can be a romantic 27th wedding anniversary gift. You could also consider a less expensive, mass-produced statuette communicating love, family, motherhood and a number of other qualities from your local shopping mall, card store or shop carrying interior decor and pair this less expensive gift with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and your spouse's favorite candy or bottle of wine.