Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls

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Twelve-year-old girls live between childhood and the teenage years. While these tweens are not yet teens, they long for the trappings of older girls. Since they have most likely left behind the toys of their youth, go ahead and indulge the wishes of 12-year-olds with some of the gadgets and clothes teenagers love.

Vera Bradley

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Your 12-year-old will love gifts from Vera Bradley. The company makes bags, purses and accessories that are a huge hit with tweens and teens across America. The goods are especially attractive to girls because they are made of lively, colorful quilted fabrics. Girls love following the new patterns that come out for spring, summer, fall and winter. Popular items that will be perfect for your 12-year-old include school backpacks and lunchboxes, purses, wallets and notebooks. Prices range from a $10 to hundreds of dollars.

Ipod Touch

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Girls who are 12 may be starting to love music. Gone are the days of blasting tunes on old-fashioned stereos. The cool delivery systems are iPods, the MP3 players made by Apple. Get your 12-year-old in the groove with one of these gadgets. Start with the basic listening features of an iPod Shuffle for just $49. If she already has an MP3 player, go for the iPod classic, which holds 40,000 songs and 200 hours of video. It retails for $249. Be sure to load lots of music and movies onto the gadget so your girl can start enjoying the entertainment immediately.


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Tweens love clothes, and your 12-year-old will love duds from Abercrombie Kids, the younger version of the ultra-hip Abercrombie and Fitch. Known for its old school styles, Abercrombie T-shirts and sweatshirts are all the rage. They are extremely soft and come in a rainbow of bright colors. Deck your 12-year-old out in a full Abercrombie outfit, with a T-shirt, sweatshirt and jeans or shorts. T-shirt prices start at about $20 and drop a few dollars on sale.

Digital Camera

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By age 12, girls are spending lots of time giggling with friends. Help your 12-year-old capture the fun with a digital camera. Make it a vibrant color, such as the purple GE 10.1-Megapixel Digital Camera. You can get it as Best Buy for about $60. It's a point-and-shoot style that runs on double-A batteries, so it's easy to use. It takes photos and videos, and it's perfect for catching all the silly moments at slumber parties and special outings.