Gift Ideas for a Guy Friend's Birthday

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Let your friend know how much you cherish his friendship by buying him a thoughtful birthday gift that suits his taste. This should be easy if you have been friends with him for a long time. If not, then ask his best friends about his likes and dislikes and choose a birthday gift accordingly.


Consider giving your friend a digital camera this birthday so that he can start preserving memories of all the important events and cherished moments in photos from now on. Another gadget popular with guys is the mobile phone; the more enhanced the features of the phone, the more interesting it is. Mobile phones are a necessity these days and probably your friend would already have one. But maybe he wants the latest model or is simply in need of a new phone. Consider a smartphone with all the latest features, if that fits your budget, or else just get a mobile phone with a high-resolution camera. Other gadgets to consider are watches, MP3 players and digital photo albums.


Gifts related to sports are a safe bet when considering birthday gifts for your guy friend. Buy him sports goods such as a baseball bat or a pair of baseball gloves or, better still, get him tickets to the next baseball game in town. Another option would be to buy him a gift card from his favorite sports store. That way your friend would be able to buy some sports goods he really wants.

Music CDs

Songs and poems are a great way to express your feelings for someone. With the large repository of songs in the world of music, choosing a couple that send the message how much you care for your friend shouldn't be difficult. You could also include his favorite songs in the CD. If your friend loves a particular band, give him their latest album.

His Interest

Perhaps your guy friend has been planning to learn to play the guitar or maybe he is a good artist. In that case buy him a good guitar or a set of oil colors, or better still, gift him with a short course in painting from a renowned art school. Such gifts would be special for your friend, as it would show that you know him well and put in the effort to find a truly meaningful gift.