Gift Ideas for Male Coworkers

Walker and Walker/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Buying a gift for a male coworker can be a difficult task because you only know them within your work environment. But whether you are buying your coworker a present for his birthday, Christmas, or just as a simple thank you for helping you at work, there are many suitable things available that they will love, and that won't break the bank.

Gift Cards

You can get a gift card to almost anywhere these days, so why not buy him one to his favorite restaurant, store, movie theatre, or coffee place. Similarly, if you notice he is constantly on his iPod, an iTunes gift card will allow him to download some new music, and if he has a well known hobby buy him a gift card within this area. This way he gets the opportunity to choose how to spend his money, while still appreciating the gift from you.


If you ever seen your male coworker read the same sport/health magazine during their lunch break, you could splurge and get them a yearly subscription. Alternatively, you could purchase a book for him. If you already know he loves reading, ask your local bookstore for a recommendation and he'll be impressed with your effort.

Beauty Products

You might not think that men appreciate beauty products, but some do. These days it is common to find male beauty products in the bathroom so if you think your coworker would appreciate cologne, facial products, or a shaving kit, why not indulge him. You could even buy him a voucher to get a 30 minute massage at a salon.


Men love food and being fed, so you can rarely go wrong by giving a male coworker something you've baked at home. If you're not much of a cook but you know he is, maybe you could get him a recipe book or some new utensils for his kitchen. Or you can even just buy him a few different sorts of candy you know he will enjoy. Just make sure you check to see if he has any allergies.

A Gift Basket

If you are still at a loss of what to buy, consider putting together a gift basket. You can put in a few token things like desk toys, chocolate, and a new diary, as well as other small presents like surf wax if he is a surfer, or new gloves and a beanie if he is a skier.