Gift Ideas for a Woman Turning 30

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Turning 30 is a milestone many women approach with mixed feelings. Whether the birthday girl is looking forward to the new challenges and changes being 30 brings or resenting the idea of getting older, the perfect birthday gift from the people she loves can make the transition into this new chapter a little more pleasant for her.

From Her Children

A gift from her children can warm a mother's heart no matter what age she is. If her children are young, give her a gift that represents them. If they are old enough, involve them in the gift. One option is to give her a framed picture of her children. Older children can decorate the picture frame with 30 beads or other items. Another option would be to let older children make her a homemade 30th birthday card. A large collage with different pictures of her and her children would also be appropriate.

From Her Significant Other

A gift from a significant other can remind her of the love she has in her life. One option is to have a bouquet of 30 of her favorite flowers delivered to her. If she works, having them delivered to her job is likely to make her feel even more special. Another gift idea she may enjoy is jewelry. To continue with a birthday theme, choose a piece of jewelry that features her birthstone or have a piece of jewelry personalized with a birthday message. A romantic vacation or getaway is also appropriate for a 30th birthday celebration.

From Her Parents

Although it may be hard for some parents to accept that their daughter is getting older, a meaningful gift can be nostalgic for both parent and child. One idea is to give your daughter a birthday memory box or scrapbook filled with mementos, milestones and memories from past birthdays. Another idea is to create an accordion-style family album and fill it with 30 of your favorite pictures of her. If your daughter enjoys cooking, give her a recipe box filled with 30 recipes you think she would enjoy preparing. You can also include family recipes she enjoyed as a child.

From Her Friends

Having great friends to share her life with can make getting older more enjoyable. Celebrate your friend's big day with a gift she will remember for many years. If your friend loves sweets, buy or bake her a cake for her birthday. You can decorate the cake with 30 candles or buy a candle of the number 30. Another option would be to give her 30 individual cupcakes she can share with others.

If she has children, give her 30 hours of babysitting as a gift. You can either keep her children overnight or give her 30 coupons that each represent an hour for her to cash in whenever she needs a break.

If your friend has never had a big birthday bash, her 30th birthday would be a great time to throw her one. You can have a 1930s-themed party or a theme from the year she was born. Filling the venue with 30 large balloons may also be a thoughtful touch.