Gift Ideas for a Brother-in-Law

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Pick a gift for your brother-in-law that will put you at the top of his favorite people list. Men are typically easy to buy for as long as you know their personality and their favorite hobbies. Start looking for the perfect gift a few weeks in advance so you are not left scrambling for a gift at the last minute.

Sports Fanatic

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Indulge his love of sports by purchasing a sports-related gift. A new golf glove to enhance his grip along with top-of-the-line golf balls or a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store will be appreciated by the golf enthusiast. Or buy him a baseball hat with his team's logo on the front. If you are unsure of what items he may need, consider tickets to a sporting event complete with dinner beforehand.

Manly Man

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Take advantage of his manly side and purchase a new tool for his collection. If he is the work-around-the-house or do-it-yourself kind of guy, then a new drill set or tool belt may be his favorite gift. Other handy gifts to consider are toolboxes, work gloves, new boots and a saw or hammer. If you are unsure of what to purchase, go the gift card route so he can purchase what he wants from a home-improvement store or apply a gift card toward an expensive purchase he has been eying.

Technology Lover

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Give the technology-loving man something to grin about with a new MP3 player. In addition to the music player, give him gift card for an online music store so he can start his music collection. For the traveling technology lover, give him an e-reader with accessories, such as a book light and portable charger so he can read on the plane or in a hotel. Other technology gifts to consider are a new camera, computer software or accessories such as a webcam or wireless mouse.

Hard-to-buy-for Man

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Men who really are not into anything in particular or may still be in college may enjoy something fashionable. Pick out a nice watch to gift him or a gift card to his favorite clothing store. Most men also enjoy cold, hard cash, so pick out a nice wallet and place some money inside for him to choose what he wants to purchase.