Gift Ideas for a 57th Wedding Anniversary

by Laura Jerpi ; Updated September 28, 2017

A couple that has been married for 57 years deserves to be honored with a special gift. Although there is not a traditional gift associated with 57 years of marriage, the modern symbol is a mirror or glass. Many options allow you to follow this modern practice and find a gift that is sure to create a lasting impression.


Celebrate by purchasing a mirror for your spouse. You could get a big and beautiful one to display in a room in your home. If you are purchasing this gift for your wife, get her a compact mirror to carry in her purse. For an added touch, have it engraved with a personalized message. You also could take this opportunity to remodel a bathroom in your house, and purchase a beautiful mirror to hang in honor of your special day.

Glass Figurine

Find a glass figurine to commemorate your special anniversary. Choose a shape that is meaningful to your partner or relationship. For example, if your husband enjoys golfing, purchase a glass golf ball for him to put on his desk. If you honeymooned in Paris, find a small glass Eiffel Tower. You could display this in your china cabinet or on a shelf in your home where it can serve as a reminder of this anniversary.

Wine Glasses

If you like to drink wine, buy a set of wine glasses to commemorate the occasion. You probably already have wine glasses, so make these stand out by purchasing a set in your wedding colors or shades that match the theme of your kitchen. Every time you drink from these glasses, you will remember your 57th wedding anniversary.

Glass Art

Look for a piece of glass art to have in your home to celebrate your anniversary. You could purchase a beautiful glass vase for your wife and add an extra surprise by putting flowers in it. Or you could get your husband an interesting glass pencil holder to put on the desk in his study. These gifts will serve as thoughtful mementos to commemorate another year of marital bliss.

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