Gift Ideas for a 13-Year Anniversary

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Gift ideas for the 13th wedding anniversary are traditionally associated with lace. Centuries ago, husbands bought their wives bolts of lacy material or fabric to celebrate this anniversary. Today, lace is still a popular 13th wedding anniversary gift for a wife; but, gifts made of fur and other textiles are commonly given to a husband.

For Her

Buy a woman a new piece of lingerie or nightgown that has a small amount of lace at the neckline. Or, purchase several gifts that let her pamper herself at home, including body oil, lotions and bubble bath. Arrange these items on a large piece of lace, pull the sides up and tie a large piece of ribbon around the top. After opening the gift, she can use the lace as a table cover or as a shawl.

For Him

Buy a man a tweed suit or a coat with a fur collar to incorporate the idea of fur and textiles into his gift. Even a basket filled with new T-shirts and ball caps of with the insignias of his favorite sports team, fits into the 13th anniversary theme.

Celebrate Together

Buy a few items that include the textures of customary 13th anniversary gifts for both of you and for your bedroom. Decorate your bedroom windows with new lace curtains, and buy new sheets, a comforter, and pillows for the bed; gift each other with new pajamas and lingerie to complete the theme.