Anniversary Gifts With Lace for Men

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Lace is traditionally given as a gift on the 13th wedding anniversary. According to the Anniversary Gifts by Year website, lace is not the a typically masculine material so buying a 13th anniversary gift for a man can be difficult. You have some options available to make your husband's anniversary special while remaining true to gift-giving traditions.

Home Decor

If your husband is interested in decorating or if you have just moved into a new home, you have several options with lace that can brighten up both the home and your anniversary day. Tablecloths, place mats, curtains or pillows are all gift options. Linens can be trimmed in lace or whole pieces of lace.

Lacy Foods

According to the Well Chosen Gifts website, you have several culinary options for your man on your 13th anniversary. You might be able to find a restaurant or vacation spot that is in some way related to lace, perhaps by mentioning it in the name. For an edible option, you could bake a gift of pecan praline lace cookies.


According to the Anniversary Gifts by Year website, for women on the 13th anniversary a lace gift usually means underwear. Just because your husband usually buys lingerie for you does not mean you cannot purchase something for yourself to wear for him. You will have no problems finding lacy lingerie items. These options are certain to excite and entice your husband on your special day.