What Is the Gift for a 10th Anniversary?

Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images

Many anniversary years have a particular "gift" type that is traditionally given to celebrate the anniversary. For example, the first year is paper while the 50th year is golden. The 10th anniversary gift -- tin -- is no different. Gifts can utilize this theme in many different ways and can come in many different variations, shapes and sizes.


The traditional gift for the 10th anniversary is tin. However, aluminum has also been accepted as an alternative because aluminum has become a substitute for tin in many things. For example, aluminum drinking cans were once made out of tin. Tin is still used in many higher quality objects but is much too expensive for smaller objects. As a result, aluminum has replaced the metal in many traditional tin gifts. Diamonds, while not cheaper than tin, have also become an acceptable substitute for tin on the 10th anniversary. The traditional flower for the 10th anniversary is the daffodil.

Simple Gifts for Him

There are many simple gifts you can give your husband on your 10th anniversary. You can buy him some aluminum cans of beer if he enjoys alcohol, or aluminum fishing gear if he likes fishing. However, you can also buy him a tin picture frame if he is a more sentimental man. Frame a picture of the two of you from early in your relationship. This will remind him of the days when you first fell in love. A pair of tin cuff links is also perfect for a man that likes to dress up. Buy him a high quality aluminum toaster to make quick and easy breakfasts before work.

Simple Gifts for Her

A small or large tin of chocolates is perfect for the wife with a sweet tooth. There are also many pieces of tin jewelry you can get her, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Jewelry is perfect for the wife that likes to dress up on occasion. A tin framed mirror makes another excellent gift. You can also buy her a bouquet of daffodils or combine the daffodils with other gifts. Tin wind chimes make an excellent gift if you and your wife enjoy working outside in the garden. Tin or aluminum business card holders are perfect for an office oriented wife.

Bigger Gifts

You may want to celebrate your 10th anniversary with bigger gifts that you can both enjoy. More expensive diamond jewelry can look great on any wife. However, diamond tie racks are also a great idea for a husband. Diamond cuff links are perfect if either of you wears a suit to work regularly. A sculptor can be hired to create intricate tin sculptures for the yard or even for the home. Use these sculptures as a romantic reminder of your love. The Unforgettable Anniversary website suggests a visit to Naples Florida, otherwise known as "Tin City." There are many shops and restaurants available there that specialize in tin gifts. The same site also suggests renting a tin camper trailer and going on a camping trip. Other trips could include going to diamond mines in South America or visiting the Diamond State Park in Arkansas.