Fun and Cheap Things to Do With Your Boyfriend in the Wintertime

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Fall hikes, camping, summer beach trips, outdoor concerts, springtime picnics -- the change of the seasons provides many free entertainment opportunities for you and your boyfriend most of the year. So when the colder weather hits, you may find yourself wondering how to find fun things to do with your guy without spending all your money. Free and cheap entertainment abounds in the wintertime, if you're willing to think creatively.

Build Your Gingerbread Dreamhouse

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If you have ever fantasized with your boyfriend about building your dream house, now you can. First, develop a blueprint for the house, and next, use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe to come up with the walls, roofs and other components -- including a gingerbread garage. Piece them together with frosting and decorate your house with candies. If you don't want to make it from scratch, buy one or two pre-made gingerbread cookie-house kits and spend a whimsical afternoon designing it.

Partner Trivia

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When you're snowed in with your honey, invite a few other couples over to play a game that tests your knowledge of your significant others. Print out several sheets of questions about your partner, including questions about favorite color, song, restaurant, movie, athlete. Include questions about childhood: first pet, favorite teacher or best family vacation. Don't forget questions that only a partner would know: favorite breakfast, favorite pair of underwear or most sensitive spot. Have each person fill out the questionnaire and then compare your answers to see which couple knows the most about each other. Requiring only paper, pens and friends, this activity is both fun and cheap. You might even learn a little about your boyfriend in the process.

Cafe Taste Tester

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While you're scurrying about in the cold with your boyfriend, bring some fun and warmth into your day by pretending you are an official restaurant reviewer. Hit a bunch of local cafes and sample hot chocolates, teas and coffees, jotting down notes about each one. If this sounds expensive, it doesn't have to be. The key is to order one drink in the smallest size and then sip it together before moving on to the next location. You'll be warm, sufficiently full and ready again to brave the cold. Invite another couple and split the drinks four ways to make the outing even cheaper.

Holiday Shopping Dare Date

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Christmas shopping can be dull. To make it more enjoyable, put together a list of dares that will encourage fun and friendly competition between you and your boyfriend while you're shopping. The dares must be completed at a shopping center or mall at peak holiday season; for example, take a selfie on Santa's lap; convince a store employee to play your favorite Christmas song over the loudspeaker; or put on store merchandise and pretend to be a mannequin. The trick is to come up with goofy or awkward dares that push you both to the edge of your comfort zone. Decide on the dares ahead of time; assign a points value to each; and create a scorecard to keep track.