First Communion Gift Ideas

A child's first communion represents a milestone in his or her life as a Christian. Although in the Christian faith a person becomes a full member of the church at the time of Baptism, first communion marks the point at which that individual becomes a full participant in the community itself. Finding the most appropriate gift to memorialize and commemorate this special occasion need not be a challenging task. There are a variety of strategies that you can employ to ensure that you obtain the most suitable gift for a first communion.

Spiritual and Religious Gifts

Of course when it comes to selecting first communion gifts, the obvious choice is to select an item that has spiritual or religious meaning. What you do want to consider, however, is whether such an item will have value and meaning beyond the day of the person's first communion itself.

For example, you might want to consider selecting a gift that will be significant at a future juncture in a person's religious or spiritual life. You can select a gift that can be used at an individual's wedding, for example. This type of gift can include a piece of jewelry that has some sort of religious or spiritual theme but, again, that is suitable for use not only on the day of a first communion but on other important occasions as well.

Family Religious Heirlooms

A perfect first communion gift selection is a family religious heirloom. In this regard perhaps you can find a first communion gift that was given to you or some other family member in years gone by. You really can start a family tradition in which this gift is passed along from one family member to the next over the years.

Family religious heirlooms do not have to be connected with first communion only. You can also give an item that was used on other religious occasions or at similar types of events in the past.

Educational Gifts

Another strategy that can be employed when a person is looking for ideal first communion gift ideas is to purchase and give items that have educational value. Presenting a gift that contains information about the first communicant's faith, the history of the church and so forth can be ideal.

You will also want to consider selecting an educational gift that has at least some entertaining features to it. First communion is a celebration: You do not want to present a gift that has the potential for dulling the senses.