Everything You Need to Do After Putting a Ring on It


Now that you’ve said yes to a romantic proposal and slid the sparkler on your ring finger, it’s time to start thinking about wedding planning! Weddings are supposed to be joyous life events, but they also have a reputation for being incredibly stressful and costly. But yours won’t be frustrating or expensive — honest. Even if you decide to plan your own wedding, you’re going to use a DIY mindset to pull it all off. Here are 12 ideas to make your wedding (truly) the best day ever.

When You Don’t Know Where to Start…

...come up with a checklist. If hiring a wedding planner isn’t an option, you’ll need to stay organized to avoid getting frazzled. You can download this printable, and search on Pinterest for preliminary ideas. Knowing exactly what you need to do month-by-month will make the big day and the events leading up to it feel under control.

Brittany Jepsen

When You Snap a Photo of Your Pretty Ring...

...learn how to wield your iPhone lens. Naturally, your friends and family will want to see your new bling. Learn a few tips and tricks on how you use your phone camera, and all of your photos will be spectacular.

Melissa Perenson

When You Want to Share the Good News with Everyone...

...throw a party. In the first few months following your engagement, you can host a low-key gathering for everyone to celebrate the momentous occasion. Here are some party decoration ideas that are ideal for a spring or summer engagement soiree.

Gillian Ellis

When You Book the Venue...

...send "save the dates." Custom wedding invitations can be expensive, so make your own envelope liners for the first invite. This is also a great way to help you think about what you want your overall color scheme to look like — pick out paper and envelopes that match your wedding invites and the event decor.

Gillian Ellis

When You're Forming Your Wedding Party...

...think about how you’ll ask your girls to be your bridesmaids. Bridesmaid boxes are all the rage for contemporary wedding planning, and you don’t want your bridal party to feel left out. Use these tips to make the best boxes, and the girls will be especially overjoyed that you asked.

Gillian Ellis

When You Have Other Weddings to Go to...

…make one-of-a-kind gifts. You might be invited to at least one wedding while in the midst of planning your own, which shouldn’t be an added stressor. Carve out a weekend afternoon to work on a unique wedding present, and you’ll have something way more special and memorable than a registry gift.


When You Need a Million New Outfits for All of the Events...

...use shopping apps. Even if you feel like you’re going to have to eat ramen for the first year of marriage because of all the money you’re spending on the big day, you can still stretch every dollar to wear cute outfits during all of the wedding activities. While you’re at it, you can look for exercise class deals, honeymoon packages and new home decor, too.

PJ Feinstein

When You Pick Out Your Dress...

...solidify your wedding day makeup. Instead of hiring a makeup artist, you can come up with your own romantic and dreamy look. Before the big day, take the look for a test drive — you’ll want to make sure it’s makeup you like and a process you can replicate easily.

Lilly Wallace

When You’re Planning a Fun Bridal Shower...

...put up a photo backdrop. You can make one out of shiny gold fringe, or even some pretty ribbon or crepe paper. Your friends and family won’t be able to resist posting group photos on Instagram, with an accompanying caption of #goals.

Chelsea Foy

When You’re Ready for One Last Hurrah...

...have the best bachelorette party weekend. Your bestie will have planned a getaway or a great night out, and you want to be sure to be prepared. Get ready for a legendary memory.


When You Need Rehearsal Dinner Decor...

...think about florals. Flowers are a fresh touch that you can have just about anywhere: on the tables, as garland and in the drinks. Also, try some unexpected-but-trendy floral choices like succulents or beautiful paper versions to spruce up the event space.


And When You’re Ready to Start Your Life Together...

…have a beautiful space to come home to. You can definitely have stylish furnishings in your first apartment, even if you are just starting out. When the wedding is through, you’ll be over the moon that it all went off without a hitch — thanks to your DIY savvy.


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