Easter Gifts for Teen Boys

Teenage boy image by GeoM from Fotolia.com

Easter is a magical time for smaller children. They enjoy going on Easter egg hunts and waiting for the Easter bunny to leave behind gifts and candy. Unfortunately, the magic can be lost on cynical teenagers, but this doesn't mean that an older boy won't still enjoy an Easter basket.

Car Themed Basket

Many teenage boys are becoming obsessed with vehicles and obtaining a driver's license. Give him gifts that will feed this fixation and fit into the Easter holiday. Fill an Easter basket with several automotive-themed gifts, such as key rings, a subscription to his favorite car magazine and vehicle accessories, such as license plate covers and dashboard ornaments. A teenage boys who owns his own car will enjoy gift certificates for gasoline or a new CD player or MP3 kit to replace the current vehicle's stereo. A boy who shares the family car can be given certificates to allow him access to the car on different nights. Top off the basket with some car-shaped chocolates and some small toy vehicles.

Sports Basket

Give a teenage boy who is into a certain sport, such as football, basketball or hockey, a gift that will help him cheer for his favorite team. Fill a traditional basket with sports memorabilia, tickets to sporting events or DVDs filled with highlights of his favorite team. A boy who actively participates in a sporting activity will enjoy new gear, such as hockey skates or baseball cleats. Skip the sweet treats for this athlete in training and instead finish off the basket by giving him a few healthy snacks, such as bags of trail mix or fruit and a few bottles of his favorite flavors of sports drinks.

Gadgets and Electronics

Fill a teenage boy's basket with gifts that will keep him on the cutting edge of technology and make him a hit with his friends. A basket can be filled with smaller gadgets such as an MP3 player, a cell phone, headphones or a video game system, such as a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360. Top off the basket with a gift certificate to his favorite electronics store and plenty of candy or homemade cookies in the shapes of musical notes. A larger gift, such as a television or laptop computer, can accompany the basket and be presented with a big bow.