Easter Basket Ideas for Baby Boys

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Filling an Easter basket for a baby boy without including chocolate or candy can be challenging. However, there are many inexpensive gifts that baby boys will love. Make the holiday more exciting by swapping the traditional Easter basket for a more creative idea, such as a plastic pail for digging in a sandbox.

Basket Ideas

If you don't want to fill a traditional wicker basket, look for gifts that can double as baskets. For example, fill a plastic bucket with gifts and include a plastic shovel for the playground or beach. Alternatively, place gifts in the bed of a large toy truck or in a baseball cap or sports helmet turned upside down.

Lining Ideas

Traditional Easter grass can cause a choking hazard—and make a big mess. Instead, line a baby boy's Easter basket with a new washcloth in his favorite color, or with a T-shirt or bib.

Gift Ideas

Fill a baby boy's Easter basket with picture books, toy cars, bubbles, sidewalk chalk or modeling clay. Baby boys will also enjoy plastic tool kits, bath toys, bath books, stickers, crayons and sketch pads. Foam balls, new clothes, stuffed animals and finger paint also make fun gifts.

Alternatives to Candy

Instead of putting candy in a baby boy's Easter basket, include snack-sized bags of his favorite snack crackers or single-serve boxes of his favorite cereal. You can also include fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, bananas and pears. Plastic silverware or child-sized dishes also make an exciting gift for infants and toddlers.

What to Avoid

Don't fill infant or toddler Easter baskets with candy, because infants and young children should not consume candy or junk food. In addition, check that gifts are labeled as non-toxic and do not pose a choking hazard. For example, toddlers can choke on jelly beans or toys with small pieces.