Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Men

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Easter baskets aren't just for children; you can also give them as gifts to a male companion or relative. Though playing the Easter Bunny can often be hard, especially when trying to find gifts for people who don’t seem to need anything, there are a few staple items that you can buy to place in a man's Easter basket to make him happy.

CDs and DVDs

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Movies, television and music can all fit snugly in a small Easter basket and really light up a man’s day. Figure out some of the entertainment he’s been wanting by asking around and maybe casually asking the guy himself. You can find inexpensive and discounted CDs and DVDs online as well as at various entertainment stores.

Office Supplies

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Everyone needs a pen every now and then, and any man who works in an office will surely lose many during his time there. You can buy him a set of nice ballpoint pens, as well as a new computer mouse if you know that his has been on the fritz. You can fit other office items in the basket, such as a flash drive to save his files on, or even an ink cartridge for his printer--most cartridges cost a pretty penny and can be considered a luxury by some.


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Contrary to popular belief, even men like accessories to go with their outfits. A new watch or pair of nice sunglasses will certainly make him happy, or perhaps a nice lighter if he smokes. You can put together a nice Easter basket with a set of cufflinks and a few stylish ties.


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Smelling nice is of concern to both men and women, so find him some nice cologne or aftershave. If he styles his hair with an expensive product, buy him some gel or pomade. You can also purchase an electric toothbrush, and, if he’s been asking for it, a tooth-whitening system. Avoid buying anything that might hurt his feelings, like deodorant, which he may take as an insult.