How to Take a Date to a Cooking Class

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If you're tired of the standard date night activities -- movies, clubs, dinner out -- consider taking a cooking class together. Cooking classes for serious and recreational cooks are available in many major urban areas, often as nearby as the neighborhood supermarket. Be sure a cooking class is something your date will enjoy before making a commitment, but if you're both interested in a fun night trying new foods -- and sometimes wines -- a cooking class is an excellent alternative to the standard dating routine.

Step 1

Research the cooking classes available in your area. Check the Internet, the bulletin board at the neighborhood library or area supermarkets and local cooking schools. Keep in mind your schedules and budgets when selecting a class. Look specifically for evening classes aimed at couples: these often offer a more relaxed atmosphere for those looking for an enjoyable dating opportunity. Some classes feature wine tasting along with food, and themed classes are often offered at holiday times. Ask friends who have taken classes locally for their recommendations.

Step 2

Talk to your date to get her buy-in before you commit to the class. If you both enjoy puttering around in the kitchen and trying new foods, a low-stress cooking class might be the perfect evening out. Verify that you are both available for all scheduled sessions of the class you've selected -- some classes meet over the course of several weeks. Avoid expensive, advanced classes unless you both are proficient cooks already and are seeking to take your skills to a higher level.

Step 3

Register yourself and your date for the class and pay fees. Find out what, if any, materials, ingredients or other items you are required to provide, and make sure you have these ready to go in time for the first class.

Step 4

Arrange to drive together to the class to ensure that you both get to the right location at the right time. Focus on the activity at hand and have a good time. Bon appetit!