Cute Gifts for Boyfriends

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Many girls purchase and give cute gifts to their boyfriends for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Such gifts for boyfriends are typically inexpensive but still contain sentimental meaning. They are often handmade or chosen with great care.

Teddy Bear and Card

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Nothing says "I love you" more than a teddy bear and a homemade card. When a girl gives her boyfriend a teddy bear, she often spritzes a bit of her perfume on it. When he smells it he will be reminded of her. A homemade card is a great addition to a teddy bear gift. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but should include a poem or words of affection. It can include a picture of the couple or a hand-drawn picture.


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Giving a boyfriend a calendar is a cute gift idea for girlfriends. There are several websites that offer customized calendars; Snapfish is a common one used for this purpose. Pictures must be uploaded to the site, and the user customizes the calendar with the pictures. Each month displays a different picture or set of pictures. Important dates such as anniversaries or birthdays can also be added to the calendar. This gift allows the boyfriend to see different pictures of the couple every month of the year.

Keepsake Box

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Girls can make a keepsake box for their boyfriend without being extremely creative. Simply take an old shoe box and cover it with construction paper, newspaper or wrapping paper. Then decorate it with stickers, photographs or any type of memorabilia that you share. The box can be given to him empty, or the girl can place a few items in it, such as a movie ticket stub or a love letter.

Picture and Frame

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Another gift idea is giving your boyfriend a personalized picture frame that contains a photograph of you two. Picture frames can be customized with your first names, and they come in numerous styles, colors and sizes.