Cool Present Ideas for 15-Year-Old Girls

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The 15-year-old girl may seem like a difficult person to shop for, but in fact there are many gifts that she might like. Girls that age are being exposed to new opportunities all the time, and they are exploring different aspects of their personality. Look at the girl and her interests and you will probably discover a wide range of gifts ideas. A gift card is always a good backup idea if you are stumped.

It's All About the Written Word

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Check your local bookstore and see the range of beautiful, decorative journals that girls would love. No longer a juvenile with a babyish diary, a 15-year-old girl is ready for a more sophisticated medium in which to write down her thoughts, drawings or story ideas. She might also love a magazine subscription to go along with one of her interests. Instead of automatically reaching for the fashion magazine, try delving a bit deeper into her personality. If she likes the outdoors, try a nature magazine. There are also photography options, crafting titles and publications focusing on cooking and sports.

She's Got the Beat

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An MP3 player is an excellent gift for a 15-year-old girl who needs her music close at hand. There are so many different options available: small ones that clip on your jacket while you take a run, styles that play videos and movies, brightly colored players and others that hold thousands of songs. If that is outside of your budget, try a gift certificate for online music that she can download onto her player.

Environmentally Conscious

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For the girl that cares about the environment, how about an organic, cotton T-shirt or a set of pretty sheets? Soy candles don't put toxins in the air and come in great scented choices. Non-toxic makeup and nail polishes are now available so she can be beautiful and environmentally conscious. Search for a book bag or purse made out of recycled materials. A solar charger for her phone and music player will make her feel very green.

Sporty Girl

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An athlete must carry her water bottle with her at all times, so give her a stainless steel or a BPA-free plastic bottle so she can stay hydrated. If she is into yoga, try a pretty yoga mat or some straps and blocks. Free weights in a bright color or an exercise ball are good options for the girl who likes to stay fit but can't join a gym. If she likes to run or bicycle, a collection of socks or some exercise clothing will make her happy.

Try Some Pampering

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Many 15-year-old girls are very interested in beauty and love to experiment with new products. Give her a new makeup case with all the items she'll need to look beautiful. Some salons will give makeovers; let her sit and relax while an expert shows her how to put on her makeup. A gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure will make her feel pampered. Give her a trip to the salon for a new haircut or a few highlights in her hair.