Birthday Gift Ideas From Daughter to Dad

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The father-daughter bond is a special one. When choosing a birthday gift for Dad, daughters want something meaningful that will be cherished for years. Keeping in mind the dad's personal tastes and preferences, daughters can find the perfect gift with a little creativity and research, whether they're aiming for sentimental, useful, humorous, or exciting.

"Of the Month" Membership

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If your dad is a gourmand or wine enthusiast, a cheese- or wine-of-the-month club membership may be the perfect way to show appreciation for his hobby and knowledge. These "of the month" clubs send a new, different product to members every month, enabling them to expand their palate without having to leave home or pay anything. The clubs can be a little pricey, but many last up to a year and will remind your dad every month of how much you care. If your dad is more likely to kick back with a cold beer, there are also beer-of-the-month clubs.

Hobby stuff

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You may know nothing about your dad's favorite pastime of fishing, hunting, playing the stock market, or breeding Dachshunds, but your gift will be much more useful and appreciated if you do a little research. A fishing enthusiast, for example, can always use a new pole, lures, bait or tackle box. Perhaps your Dad hunts with a bow and could use new bow strings. Maybe he's had his eye on a new kennel for his puppies for months now. If you can't afford "big" presents, focus on small stuff, like a gift certificate to a specialty store or a hobby-specific magazine subscription.

Sentimental gifts

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Younger daughters often give sentimental or homemade gifts for Dad, but they are appropriate for all ages. A little girl could draw a picture of herself and her dad. A teen or older daughter could snap a father-daughter photo with a digital camera, use free online software to edit it, then print and frame it for Dad to display with pride. For adult daughters, sentimental gifts can get more complex; for example, a chronological father-daughter photo album, a framed poem, or a shadowbox of a cherished item from the daughter's or dad's childhood. Anything that reminds your dad of how special he is to you, on his birthday and every other day of the year, would make a lovely sentimental gift.

Extreme Experiences

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If you're an older daughter, chances are your dad hasn't done anything extreme or even a little unsafe since you were a little girl. The gift of adrenaline can be an excellent way to inject some excitement into your dad's birthday, especially if you experience it with him. Father-daughter skydiving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, para-sailing, hang-gliding, or a trip in a hot-air balloon are all options that will make your dad's birthday one he'll remember forever.