Anniversary Gifts by Year for Men

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By the list of tradition anniversary gifts it seems that the longer a couple is married the better the gifts get. Each year is associated with a different material or element from which the gift should be made. When selecting an anniversary gift for him, creativity can turn a gift of the most simple element into something very special.

First Anniversary: Paper

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Get him some things associated with paper, like a sapling tree or garden tools. Or give him some really valuable paper in the form of tickets for a sports game, the theater or a plane trip.

Second Anniversary: Cotton

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Cotton can take the form of new clothes or high-end Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Or, take the theme a little out of context and consider giving him his own cotton-candy machine.

Third Anniversary: Leather

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The leather anniversary opens the doors to luxury gifts, such as a leather jacket, dress shoes, a laptop satchel or an overnight travel bag. If you can afford a big-ticket item, start shopping for a classic leather club chair or armchair.

Fourth Anniversary: Fruit & Flowers

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To fulfill the fruit and flowers theme of the fourth anniversary, give him some young fruit trees to plant, a trip to "The Garden State" of New Jersey, or a case of his favorite wine.

Fifth Anniversary: Wood

A gift of wood may include a box of fine cigars, a hickory meat smoker, camping equipment (to use in the woods) or a wooden valet box for his wallet, keys and jewelry. For the audiophile, consider a turntable, a pair of speakers or a radio encased in wood.

10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

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Tin and aluminum aren't considered the most modern materials, but they are used to make motor boats and canoes, road bikes, lightweight laptops, hard-case suitcases and some design-friendly furniture. When in doubt, don't forget that some types of beer kegs are made of aluminum too.

20th Anniversary: China

If a trip to China is out of the budget, there are some other forms of china with a more subtle price tag. Consider giving him ceramic-headed cuff links, a ceramic sculpture, an ornate German stein or bathroom renovations that include either new tiles or a porcelain bathtub.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls may not have the most masculine connotations, but there are plenty of appropriate anniversary gifts that do. Pearl cuff links will do the trick, as will an item made from mother-of-pearl, such as a watch or money clip. For something more adventurous, send the man on a diving excursion in search of pearl oysters.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

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Ruby, in its stone form, can be used in all of the usual jewelry items, like a watch, a tie pin, a ring. Or plan a trip to a ruby mine in Cherokee, North Dakota. The ruby color could be carried over to a ruby-hued tie, new vehicle or hard-cased luggage set.

50th Anniversary: Gold

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This is it! The golden anniversary is when he's earned his gold watch, ring or cuff links. For something unique, look for chess pieces in white and yellow gold or have one of his favorite keepsakes (baby's first shoes, his lucky comb) plated with gold.